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Ellie practised Mandy Rice-Davies’ iconic line ‘well he would, wouldn’t he’ with her friends for new BBC drama ‘The Trial of Christine Keeler’

Ellie was this morning on ITV’s ‘This Morning’ talking about The Trial of Cristine Keeler and Mandy Rice Davies. During the interview Ellie revealed that her friends helped her practice Mandy Rice Davies’ iconic line ‘well he would, wouldn’t he’.

Ellie said: ‘All my friends were like, “Oh, do you want to practice with us?” 

‘I think I read Mandy’s book and she said it came from a very honest place. There’s still no way of telling whether she did or not but it came from a very honest place.’ 

Talking about the series, Ellie continued: ‘Christine and Mandy were two young girls who worked at Murray’s Club they were always… their clients were men of high power, Keeler had a relationship with John Profumo, and he denied that. 

‘He was set to be the next Prime Minister. Keeler also supposedly had an affair with a Russian spy, we don’t know if that did happen, but it supposedly brought the government to its knees. 

‘Both the girls, Mandy [Ellie’s character] had an affair with Lord Astor, and both the girls were put on trial for being prostitutes.’ 

Ellie added that she doesn’t believe Mandy or Christine were ‘given a voice’ and were just ‘two young women having fun and enjoying their sexuality’.

She said: ‘I think Mandy and Christine weren’t really given a voice, they were just two young women who were having fun and enjoying their sexuality.

Men were able to enjoy their sexuality and women were told off for that. All of our heads of department bar one were female so it was extraordinary to show it from a female side.’

Ellie also insisted people shouldn’t ‘judge’ Mandy or Christine, she continued: ‘I think people shouldn’t be so quick to judge two young women who were having fun, they weren’t doing anything wrong and they weren’t abusing their power.’

She added: ‘Mandy had an extraordinary life after that she became a millionaire, in the face of this horrible event she was able to. 

She had guts and was able to smile, saying “I don’t care what you thing, I’m going to get on with things”.’ 

Mandy went on to appear in a Tom Stoppard play, films and even sung cabaret in Germany. She married Israeli businessman Rafi Shauli in 1966 with the two running a chain of restaurants together, they had daughter, Dana, but divorced in 1971. 

She then married a Frenchman called Jean Charles – but only for about a week, she claimed. 

Soon afterwards she met her third husband, British businessman Ken Foreman and they married on a private island and lived on Grove Isle, a salubrious part of Miami. They had other homes, in the Bahamas and Virginia Water, Surrey.

Ellie revealed that she ‘fell in love‘ with the show and even wore a top of her grandmothers to get her into character with her brother, Lucas, impressed with the set design.

She said: ‘It was great honestly I fell in love with it, in the show I wear a top of my grandmothers. 

‘The production team who design all the sets are incredible, my brother was opening all the drawers and couldn’t believe there were things in the drawers.’

The six-part series is set to reassess Christine Keeler’s experiences through the ‘female gaze’. 

The Trial of Christine Keeler starts on Sunday 29 December at 9pm on BBC One. 

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