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One of the stars of BBC One’s new drama series¬†The Trial of Christine Keeler¬†has explained how the show turns the infamous sex scandal on its head.

The six-part series premiered on Sunday night (December 29) and follows the events of the 1963 Profumo Affair, which ultimately saw Keeler, the 19-year-old mistress of married politician John Profumo, jailed.

While Keeler is played by Sophie Cookson (Gypsy, Red Joan), her friend Mandy Rice-Davies is portrayed by Nocturnal Animals star Ellie Bamber.

And, speaking to¬†Digital Spy¬†recently, Ellie explained how the show “gave the girls their own narrative” by telling the story from Keeler’s perspective.

“[Amanda Coe, writer] kind of took the story and gave the girls their own narrative because it’s always kind of told from the male point of view, and the press point of view,” Ellie explained.

“This time, I think the two girls are allowed a voice, and I think that that‚Äôs extremely important. Mandy did… say her point of view on the whole thing, and she would say her perspective.”

“But they needed more of a voice, considering what they went through.”

Ellie’s co-star Anthony Welsh, who plays Aloysius ‘Lucky’ Gordon in the series, also praised the twist in perspective, adding: “I’m quite excited to be able to say, ‘Look, remember that story that you were very familiar with back in the day? Here’s an inside look into how it went down’.

“Because there was no social media. There was none of that stuff. What you heard was what was in the news,” Welsh continued.

“And likely, what was in the news, was what you believed. Unless you were part of the community, and maybe you were hearing other things, you’re just going to believe what you read.”

The show’s producer Rebecca Ferguson also explained why it was important that they show the story behind the headlines, saying: “That’s the rhetoric around this story, isn’t it? That… [Keeler] was a home wrecking prostitute / call girl.”

“But that’s not their fault. That’s how she was reported. So I think that’s what’s exciting about the show. I hope the people that have this fixed opinion of what that story was, and what she was, and what he was, will see behind it.”

The Trial of Christine Keeler continues next sunday (January 05) at 9pm on BBC One. You can pre-order the DVD of the series now.

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