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“The biggest misconception about me? That I’m a ginger! Dude, I like being ginger so much, but at the moment my hair loves going back to blonde recently.” There’s an ease right now with which Ellie Bamber is telling me that one of her most previously inarguably distinct characteristics – her burnt amber hair – one which no doubt would have helped her land her breakout role in Tom Ford’s stylish but gritty thriller Nocturnal Animals as Amy Adam’s doomed daughter, was so easily interchangeable. But this confidence is the direct result of a career has been built on sheer impressive talent rather than the physical characteristics that many of her contemporaries might find themselves relying on. It’s undeniable: this is not someone whose identity and currency are tied up in her appearance. And the fact of the matter is, it’s impossible to typecast someone who has gone from gun-toting zombie slayer, to an 18th century orphan, then a 60s showgirl, next – an American exchange student whose life is violently torn apart. And let’s not forget when we gritted our teeth enviably as Bamber lived out all our girlfriend fantasies being chased around Paris by an amorous Shawn Mendes in his music video for “There’s Nothing Holdin’ Me Back”. We still haven’t forgiven her.

As mentioned, her latest feat saw her recently take on the role of orphan ‘Cosette’ in the new star-studded BBC adaptation of Les Misérables, one that riskily swapped its beloved songs for detail more aligned to Victor Hugo’s 1862 brick of a French historical novel. “Cosette as a character is really interesting,” muses Bamber. “Hugo explains her as being ‘innocence personified’. She lives in such a sheltered environment with her father and then the nunnery and she kind of doesn’t know anything about the outside world, or probably even been spoken to about what love is. She hasn’t seen anything, you know?” This sensibility is very, very different from Bamber, who at 22 has already solo-travelled around the world for her job.

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Ellie Bamber joined her friend and co-star Sophie Cookson for Serpentine Summer Party 2019 Presented by Serpentine Gallery and Chanel at the Serpentine Gallery at Kensington Gardens on June 25, 2019.

Ellie looked stylish in Chanel’s sexy white jumpsuit. Later the actresses were seen leaving the bash.

See all pics of Ellie by clicking on the thumbnails below.


With Sophie Cookson leaving the party.


During the party Ellie spoke with the Women’s Wear Daily about Karl Lagerfeld and his last reading.

I’m wearing an outfit from Karl’s last collection. I was lucky enough to experience the show, so this is very special for me,” said Bamber, a longtime Chanel collaborator. She arrived arm-in-arm with actress Sophie Cookson, her costar on the upcoming British television series “The Trial of Christine Keeler,” which will revisit the Profumo scandal from the Sixties.

Bamber also said she’s looking forward to the release of “The Seven Sorrows of Mary,” a crime drama in which she stars, later this year and has been taking in the success of “Les Misérables,” too, which came out earlier this year as a six-episode television series.

“It was a brilliant experience to work with such a world-renowned novel. Tom Shank was a joy to work with and we had a very cohesive vision of Cosette as a character,” said the young actress, who is also an avid reader. Since finishing “Les Misérables” she took on reading about Caravaggio’s life and journey as an artist.

Portrait taken during the event by photographer Virgile Guinard.


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Some interviews with Ellie talking about Extracurricular Activities during the premiere in Los Angeles last month.


Hollywood First Look Features

Breezeway Productions

Rich Girl

Audio Interview – FilmSnob Reviews

I did some screen captures of the interviews and you can check it by clicking on the thumbnails below.

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Colin Ford and Ellie Bamber are the stars of the new dark comedy-thriller, Extracurricular Activities. The film follows Reagan Collins, a model high school student with a killer after school job. When the parents of his classmates become too overbearing, self-obsessed, or just plain inconvenient, Reagan arranges their “accidental” deaths. But when seasoned detective Cliff Dawkins starts to put two and two together, it becomes a battle of wits. Pop-Culturalist spoke with actors Colin Ford and Ellie Bamber about this must-see film.

P-C: Tell us about Extracurricular Activities, who you play, and what drew you to this project.
Colin: I play Reagan Collins.

Ellie: I play Mary Alice Walker.

Colin: The film is about Reagan Collins, who is a high school student that starts a business, which is to eliminate bad parents from their children’s lives in order to take an insurance payoff.

I was drawn to this project because it’s so different from anything I’ve ever done. It’s dark but also very funny. I was attracted to playing a character that wasn’t an all-American boy, which is something I’ve done in the past.

Ellie: I wanted to work with Colin, Timothy [Simons], who plays detective Cliff Dawkins, and our director, Jay Lowi. They’re all brilliant. I also love the fact that Mary Alice is an intelligent, forward-thinking woman.

P-C: Extracurricular Activities is a fun, unpredictable ride that keeps you guessing until the very end. When you read the initial script, what shocked you the most?
Colin: Besides the story being a total trip, I was shocked by Reagan’s ability to keep cool. Despite everything that Reagan does to the other kids’ parents per their wishes, he lives a normal life. This didn’t stem as a result of something going on at home, it came from a sensitivity to those feelings around him.

Ellie: I was definitely shocked by the twist! It’s an interesting development in the film.

P-C: Tell us about Reagan and Mary Alice’s relationship in the film and how it changes.
Colin: In the beginning, there’s a lot of mystery around their relationship. It’s a fun journey to go on because there’s an attraction at the start, but they don’t really know each other that well. Throughout this journey, we learn more about them, but individually.

Towards the third act, when the big twist happens, you don’t know whether Mary Alice is going to be on Reagan’s side or on Cliff’s. It’s such a big twist! Once that decision is made, you get to see their relationship come full circle.

Ellie: I love that Mary Alice doesn’t conform to gender roles. She’s not waiting for Reagan to ask her out. She goes for it.

P-C: How did the two of you approach the dynamic between your characters?
Colin: We had a little bit of time to get to know each other before we started filming. However, the dynamic between us…

Ellie: It needed to be mysterious.

Colin: Yeah, it needed to be mysterious.

Ellie: We made the decision early on that we didn’t want to spend too much time with each other because of this. It was important to have that distance early on. Then as it progressed, we spent more and more time together, and the relationship unfolded like it does in the film.

P-C: Reagan is a complicated character with different personas. Throughout the film, you question his moral compass. Colin, how did you prepare to tackle all his dimensions?
Colin: I always had a great relationship with my folks, but I had friends who didn’t necessarily always get along with theirs. That may have been a result of their own behavior, and sometimes, it was due to the behavior of their parents.

I think that we all go through a time in our lives when we’re growing up through this teenage limbo where you think that you’re an adult, but you’re really still a kid. You look and act like a kid. That time is difficult to navigate, especially if you don’t have a parent who’s helpful. At an extreme scale, Reagan eliminates that issue. I think a lot of us grow up wishing we could grow up without our parents, but that probably wouldn’t end well.

I think, at the end of the day, the takeaway is that we don’t necessarily all have to become our parents, act the way they do, or value the same things that they do. That’s not to say that their values aren’t noteworthy, but we can make our own choices.

P-C: Going back to Reagan’s moral compass, what is your take on him? Is he a hero or villain?
Colin: I see Reagan as a pro-villain, like Robin Hood. He’s doing good by people, but it comes at a cost.

P-C: Is there a scene that you’re excited for fans to see?
Colin: It doesn’t necessarily highlight me very much but I’m really excited for everybody to see the pool party scene with Bobby Lee. He’s so funny, man. [laughs]

Ellie: Yes, he’s hilarious! [laughs]

Colin: That scene is hilarious.

Ellie: It really is!

P-C: What do you hope audiences takeaway from seeing this film?
Colin: First, I hope they don’t take it too seriously—it’s a dark comedy. Second, like I said earlier, it’s important for this next generation to start new conversions, continue old ones, and revisit things that may not be working anymore.

Ellie: Yes! And we have to continue to challenge things moving forward. At the end of the day, we live in a quite broken world, and there’s a lot to fix about it, as corny as that sounds.

To keep up with Colin, follow him on Twitter and Instagram, and follow Ellie on Twitter and Instagram. Extracurricular Activities is out now!